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Gaughran Unveils Major School Infrastructure Investment And Modernization Proposal

Jim Gaughran
Press Release

Gaughran Unveils Major School Infrastructure Investment And Modernization Proposal

Proposal will Help Long Island Schools to Rebuild and Repair Aging and Defective Water Infrastructure through Increased State Aid

(Huntington, NY) Jim Gaughran unveiled a major infrastructure investment proposal to take action and repair or replace aging and defective water infrastructure for Long Island schools. Under Gaughran’s plan, State resources would be allocated as targeted grants for local school districts to identify defective water infrastructure and facilities and apply for aid in making necessary repairs and replacements. This bold initiative will ensure that no additional taxes would be needed from Long Island residents to make these essential infrastructure investments.

“The reality is, Long Island taxpayers receive two dollars in State aid for every three dollars we pay in taxes, and that has to be fixed,” Jim Gaughran said. “During Senator Marcellino’s more than two decades in Albany, our taxes have gone up while our local infrastructure has suffered, and that isn’t fair to Long Island families, businesses or students. That is why I am going to fight to ensure State resources are set aside for the sole purpose of investing in essential school infrastructure repairs and replacements.”

Jim Gaughran’s innovative plan will address the growing problem of defective water infrastructure in schools throughout Long Island. Rather than forcing struggling school districts and overburdened taxpayers to foot the bill for these essential yet costly repairs, Jim’s plan will ensure that the State covers expenses through targeted grants. The State grants would be available for local schools to cover the expenses of determining which water infrastructure and related equipment need replacement and then for the work itself. This ambitious plan will thereby ensure that no added expenses for these infrastructure improvements will be borne by local taxpayers or school districts.

Jeff Bernstein, Educator & Father Of Public School Students, said, “For over twenty years, Senator Marcellino has voted to raise taxes, impose mandates and strip power away from local schools, and it has been our families and students who are suffering. During that time, while less money has been coming back to Long Island, our school infrastructure has progressively degraded, and Senator Marcellino has done nothing to fix this problem. I applaud Jim Gaughran for his bold plan and for his leadership on ensuring that needed repairs are made to our schools, and that Long Island taxpayers aren’t stuck with the bill.”

Meryl Lipton, Mother of Public School Students, said, “With the increasing awareness that a number of our schools have infrastructure that is aging and failing Jim Gaughran has both the vision and the dedication to work with Albany to insure that our school’s infrastructure is updated. Our children deserve clean drinking water in their schools and a healthy environment for learning, without imposing undue financial burden on Long Island taxpayers. This is why it is so important to vote for Jim Gaughran this November, to fight for us, in the State Senate.”