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Statement on the Oyster Bay to Rye Bridge/Tunnel Feasibility Study

Jim Gaughran
Open Letter


October 17, 2016

Mayor Paul Rupp and Board of Trustees
Village of Bayville
34 School Street
Bayville, New York 11709

Dear Mayor Rupp and Trustees:

I am adamantly opposed to the absurd revival of an Oyster Bay to Rye Bridge, and or tunnel. This would be an environmental disaster for the Long Island Sound and a nightmare for residents impacted by the traffic and pollution such a project would bring. If I am fortunate to become State Senator for this district please be assured I will fight this tooth and nail. I will stand up to anyone to stop this.

What unfortunately has helped to revive this historic relic of a bad idea is the fact that the State Legislature voted to include $5 million in the State budget for a feasibility study for this project. That vote should never have taken place. I disagree strongly with my adversary Senator Marcellino who voted to include this $5 Million appropriation in the budget. This is wasting the taxpayers’ money, but also giving hope to some who want this bridge/tunnel to be built.

As State Senator I will sponsor legislation to repeal this study and have the $5 Million removed from the budget and will work to having it reallocated to efforts to preserve the Long Island Sound. New York has been negligent in providing real funding to Long Island communities necessary to protect the Sound. We need to reduce the levels of nitrates and other contamination which is increasingly harming the water quality of the Long Island Sound and the harbors and bays which connect to it. Upgrading current sewage treatment facilities and installing filtration systems to reduce the problems of storm water runoff is part of the solution. All of this and more needs funding from the State of New York since this is a regional problem.

There are so many prior studies, plans and other written material concerning this crossing idea that as you point out goes all the way back to Governor Nelson Rockefeller. Perhaps the only use for them would be for someone to write a scholarly paper on how much government wastes on useless studies.

I thank you for your leadership on this issue and look forward to working with you to stop it.


Jim Gaughran
Democratic Candidate State Senate